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snow in Etar, Bulgaria

Midwinter Beauty

This has been the most beautiful and coldest winter Bulgaria has seen in years. In the beginning of January, I travelled to Etar Open Air Museum. The tiny village is a reconstruction of a typical Bulgarian village and it takes you back in time. When […]

let it snow

Let it Snow

This week we got our first snow in Sofia. Right on time to set the mood for the holidays. I love snow and how it brings peacefulness to the city. Hoping for lot’s of snow this winter!

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former royal palace of Bulgaria

Winter Palace

The former king’s palace and current National Art Gallery is one of my favourite buildings in Sofia. It is slightly run down on the outside, which makes it even easier to romanticise. It is surrounded by a beautiful small park with benches. It’s one of […]

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winter instagrams Sofia

Instagram City Walk

The end of winter is near, so I am using the opportunity to share some more winter photos of Sofia before we all get sick of the sight of snow.  After joining Instagram I have been even more inspired about photography – we all need […]


Evening Glow and Snow

I love Sofia with snow. In every season Sofia is vibrant and alive, with bars open all night and restaurants and cafes packed with people. When there is snow everything slows down a bit and the city becomes cozier.  I was out with my camera one […]

picture frame and teapots

Home Decor

I have been very inspired about interior design since the holidays. I am recently very excited about bright and warm colours too. What better way to overcome the greyness of winter than surround yourself with colourful objects? I love earthy materials and vintage finds and […]

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skiing on Vitosha mountain

Ski Season

Do you ski? Do you like getting out of the city and a breath of fresh air? This is easy to do by just taking the ski lift up Vitosha mountain. It is right on the outskirts of the city and after just a short […]

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Snowy Rooftops

There is something enchanting about city rooftops covered in snow.  I photographed these Sofia rooftops at sunset after the big snowfall last week. Looking at scenes like these makes me think about fictional places and puts me in a dreamy state of mind. How do they […]