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Colourful Dublin

Dublin is a city with a big heart. No matter who you are or where you are from Dublin and Dubliners will show you a warm welcome. It is so colorful and fun and very relaxed for a capital city. Having the best and friendliest […]

Smithwicks brewery in Kilkenny

Hello Ireland

Another summer, another trip to Ireland. I can’t believe it has been almost 3 years since I first traveled to the Emerald Isle! This year I will be staying in Dublin and not travelling so much around the country. I am hoping to explore the […]

Bulgarian travel flatlay

Summer of Travel

I have a big announcement to make. I am taking the summer off and I will be travelling around Bulgaria! I feel the need to leave behind the vanity and pressure of the big city and explore some places I have never visited. Living in […]


Blue Elegance

This is a dress from Warehouse that I bought this summer and wore on my holiday in Ireland. I am just obsessed with dresses and I fell in love with the color and style of this one, especially the lacy back. photo taken at: Skerries, […]

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Endless Summer

I am incredibly lucky to live in Bulgaria. Here the summers last for four months. Here in the Balkans, unlike elsewhere in Europe, nature is untouched and consumerism does not govern people’s lives. Instead we prefer to enjoy the summer by being close to nature, relaxing […]

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Holiday in Ireland

My holiday in Ireland was so relaxing and stimulating at the same time – two weeks of exploring new places, spending time outdoors, eating delicious food and taking pictures. It was the perfect escape, away from tourist traps and with zero time spent on social […]

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To Rome with Love

Now that I have visited Barcelona and Rome in the same year it is hard to pick a favourite. To me both cities epitomise a triumph of art and beauty – Barcelona is exuberant and fun and Rome is magnificent and timeless. The Eternal City as […]

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Gone for the Summer

I was wondering if i should go with ‘gone fishing’, because I will be fishing for inspiration 🙂 For the next 7 weeks I will be spending very little of my free time in Sofia- weekends in the countryside and 2 weeks abroad. I decided to use this time for […]

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End of Summer

Summer is coming to an end and this makes me emotional. This post might seem a bit random but I thought that I would share something about my ‘history’ before One Day in Sofia. During my years in university I participated in a work and […]

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Summer Balconies

Is it just me, or summer makes everything look pretty? I was just walking around last weekend, enjoying how calm the city is these days, and I saw so many beautiful old buildings with balconies. Looking at them it made me imagine living in one […]

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South Park

It is hot, it is August and all I want is to be surrounded by trees and green meadows and the smell of freshly cut grass. South Park is one of the nicest parks in Sofia, it has plenty of trees and grass to walk […]

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Green Sofia

It’s summer and the parks have turned into our go to places. This year they are even greener and more pleasant because of all the rain we have been getting in Sofia.  There is nothing more relaxing than spending a chill summer evening absorbing all […]

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