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sheep in Lacken, Ireland

Irish Country Story

Ever since my career break last summer, I have discovered a new passion for photographing beautiful bucolic landscapes. Having grown up in a village myself, part of me feels a natural genuine love for the countryside and its unpretentious charm. So here I go sharing […]

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yellow Georgian door

Spring Colours

A spring day spent in Dún Laoghaire, Ireland. We spent one night at the Royal Marine Hotel and took the time to explore the surroundings. Many colourful Georgian doors and beautiful gardens to take pictures of!

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old house facade

Old Charm

Sofia has lost most of its old charm, as most of the old architecture was destroyed in WWII. However, here and there some elegant old houses remain.  There is something surreal in them, as they stand amid a city scape of shabby communist style apartment […]

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Irish Spring

Cobh is a small town in Ireland built on a steep hill. It is so small, it is hard to imagine Titanic made its last stop in its harbour. I travelled there during a trip to Ireland this spring. Unfortunately, the weather was not so […]

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sunset at Pleven hut

Mountain Escape

They say that the best things in life are free.  Climbing a mountain is free and the feeling you get is so rewarding.  Hiking is one of the favourite pastimes of people in Bulgaria. We love our mountains! On Saturday I climbed the steep path […]

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Once Upon A Time Biblioteka fountain

Once Upon A Time

It is officially spring! And the season of outdoor cafes is already open in Sofia. I am sharing a few shots from the garden café of Once Upon A Time Biblioteka. Once Upon A Time Biblioteka is a night club in the building of the […]

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City of Lilacs

Sofia in spring in all its glory! Lilac bushes everywhere, spreading their sweet scent. The chestnut trees are blossoming.  I took these photos on Wednesday, when it was sunny and thirty degrees, on St. George’s Day, which is an official non-working day.  Spring in Bulgaria […]

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Season of Tulips

I might have mentioned it before, Sofia is the most beautiful in spring. It is the best season to be in the city, because the weather is warm and sunny, without being too hot. In the parks you can hear the birds chirping and see […]

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