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old house facade

Old Charm

Sofia has lost most of its old charm, as most of the old architecture was destroyed in WWII. However, here and there some elegant old houses remain.  There is something surreal in them, as they stand amid a city scape of shabby communist style apartment […]

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Snowy Rooftops

There is something enchanting about city rooftops covered in snow.  I photographed these Sofia rooftops at sunset after the big snowfall last week. Looking at scenes like these makes me think about fictional places and puts me in a dreamy state of mind. How do they […]

christmas tree on San Stefano street

Christmas on Shipka Street

Sofia has many faces, but one thing is for sure – it definitely has style. Walking down Shipka Street the other day I passed by several really cool places – the new luxury florist shop L’Amore, Cakey Bakey bakery, Park Bar and the cute little […]

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Christmas tree at Sofia Christmas market

Sofia’s Christmas Spirit

The festive Christmas season is approaching and with this year’s lovely weather it has been hard to notice how fast it has creeped on us.  Since the beginning of December Sofia is slowly getting transformed to Christmas mode with Christmas trees and a cute little […]

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Sense Sofia

It’s been a while since I have posted photos of Sofia. I wanted to show a more powerful perspective from what I usually shoot. This is a view from the rooftop bar of Sense Hotel in the centre of Sofia. You don’t need to be […]

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Back in March last year One Day in Sofia was born. I started with a book about blogging and a lot of enthusiasm. One year, 419 photos and 62 blog posts later I realise that it was a journey worth taking. As they say it is the […]

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Sofia’s Winter Tale

If I have to describe Sofia in winter the words that come to mind are imperfect, unpredictable, restless… Through the noise of the traffic, the smoke from the chimneys and the mud puddles of melted snow, one can still observe its elusive beauty. The few […]


Familiar Silhouettes

Winter is serene. It brings out shapes and illuminates them with scarce but beautiful light. It makes every object and building stand out from all the clutter of life around. While every living creature hides inside, the city landscape looks somewhat mysterious, ready to be […]

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