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Busy Girl

I am a big fan of essential pieces. These are the classic pieces of clothing that seem to never go out of fashion. Trench coats are among my favourites, because they create an air of confidence in a woman and they look effortlessly stylish. Not […]

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Little Black Dress

A fashion jewel from the 70’s,  this black dress is the first outfit I shot for Checkpoint.  We did the photo shoot last October and it remains one of my favourite.  I love the styling (by Hristina Evtimova) which shows how versatile the dress is […]

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Summer Fashion Preview

I am currently working on some photos for No Frills Fashion blog and I really love this one, so I couldn’t help sharing it in this little preview.  Later on I will do a full August fashion post with lots of colour and sunshine in […]


Cool and Classy

I took these photos for No Frills Fashion blog. The styling is by the talented Hristina Evtimova – a combination of vintage and everyday pieces.  I love this outfit – it is so classy but at the same time it is interesting and original. It was […]

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No Frills Fashion

I know that by now everyone is waiting to see summery outfits, sandals and bright sunshine, but the weather continues to be rainy almost every day in Sofia. For our latest shoot me and Hristina had to stick to something more relevant. She started her […]