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Veliko Tarnovo

Before Sofia, Veliko Tarnovo was the capital of Bulgaria. This was in the middle ages and no wonder the town is such an international tourist attraction – there you feel transported back in time.  The main point of interest is Tsarevets hill with the Second Bulgarian Empire’s  fortress […]

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Sofia’s Winter Tale

If I have to describe Sofia in winter the words that come to mind are imperfect, unpredictable, restless… Through the noise of the traffic, the smoke from the chimneys and the mud puddles of melted snow, one can still observe its elusive beauty. The few […]


Love Dublin

Dublin is vibrant, welcoming and fun. There was so much to occupy my sight – so much creativity everywhere – from bar signs to street art, that I couldn’t leave my camera for a second. I loved the bars and pubs in the city – they […]


Old Plovdiv, Part II

I took so many photos during my recent trip to Plovdiv that I couldn’t share all in one post, so here are the rest. Old Plovdiv is not just beautiful, it is also ancient, with a distinct and fascinating history dating back to 4000 BC, […]


Old Plovdiv, Part I

My trip to the Old Town of Plovdiv was an incredible experience. I arrived at the bus station in Plovdiv and took a taxi straight to the Old Town and stayed there until it was time to go back to Sofia. I  found myself in […]