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balkan skewer

Balkan Delights

If you would like to taste really delicious Bulgarian food you will have to travel from the capital. Although Sofia has several very good traditional restaurants, it is best to try it in an authentic setting and close to nature. I have chosen to show […]

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Thirsty Dragon

This is not some storybook character, the Thirsty Dragon is a unique pub/restaurant in Sofia. It is something really distinctive, and one of those places that has succeeded in creating a beautiful atmosphere, while remaining very original. The menu is quite conventional, unlike the restaurant. […]

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Club Vazov

Next to the house-museum of the famous Bulgarian writer Ivan Vazov, in what used to be the ┬áservants’ rooms, is the restaurant Club Vazov (part of Checkpoint Charlie, which is just down the street). Yesterday I went there for lunch for the first time. We […]

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