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Bulgarian travel flatlay

Summer of Travel

I have a big announcement to make. I am taking the summer off and I will be travelling around Bulgaria! I feel the need to leave behind the vanity and pressure of the big city and explore some places I have never visited. Living in […]

Tryavna clocktower

Discovering Tryavna

Hidden between wood-covered slopes in Bulgaria’s Balkan mountains, lies the town of Tryavna. Generally unknown to the world, and maybe for the better, this little town has preserved the true Bulgarian spirit for centuries, maintaining a tradition for arts and crafts long before the liberation of Bulgaria from the Ottoman empire. […]

forest in Balkan mountains

Picnic in the Forest

Picnic in a spring forest near a crystal-clear mountain river. You cannot put a price on that. I’d pick that over the most exquisite restaurant. Bulgaria with its mountains and land covered by thick broad leaved forests is full of perfect picnic spots like this […]

street in Kapana Plovdiv

Plovdiv’s Creative District

A future 2019 European Capital of Culture and the oldest inhabited city in Europe, Plovdiv should be on your travel list for this year. That’s right Plovdiv is older than Athens and Constantinople and has not stopped living and breathing a multitude of cultures throughout the centuries. Apart from […]


Blue Sea Paradise

Sinemorets is a village on the Black Sea near the border with Turkey. I spent most of last week there. After seeing some drone footage of it earlier, I really wanted to go because there is nothing like a combination of sea and beautiful nature […]


Hadji Nikoli Inn

Less than three hours from Sofia, in Veliko Tarnovo, is the Hadji Nikoli Inn. This is where we went for dinner on our first night in Tarnovo.  The restaurant is housed in a building of cultural and historic significance, the former inn of a rich Turnovo […]

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Postcard from Tarnovo

This is a view of Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria’s medieval capital. I spent a long weekend there in the beginning of May. Travelling to beautiful historic towns in May is turning into a tradition for me, after visiting Plovdiv same time last year. It is amazing to […]

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Back in March last year One Day in Sofia was born. I started with a book about blogging and a lot of enthusiasm. One year, 419 photos and 62 blog posts later I realise that it was a journey worth taking. As they say it is the […]

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