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Familiar Silhouettes

Winter is serene. It brings out shapes and illuminates them with scarce but beautiful light. It makes every object and building stand out from all the clutter of life around. While every living creature hides inside, the city landscape looks somewhat mysterious, ready to be […]

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Awaiting New Year

I hope you all had a cozy and happy Christmas with your dearest people. Sofia is now getting ready for celebrating New Year’s Eve, which is always a huge party. This a photo of Vitosha boulevard with the Christmas lights, which I took today. Now that […]

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Christmas Windows

It is the season of Christmas shopping and decorating.  Shops in Sofia are all decorated, their windows shine brightly with Christmas lights and ornaments.  I thought I would share the pretty ones that caught my eye, while doing my shopping around the city.

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Say It with Flowers

Chrysanthemums are in front of every flower shop in the city. Their bright colours can be noticed from far away.  I was passing by the window of this shop called Say it with Flowers and I just fell in love with all these beautiful flowers […]

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Let There Be Sunshine

Sofia might be big and busy, but going to a park on a weekend you can see that big city culture is not all prevalent.  Weekends are dedicated to friends and family and enjoying life the Bulgarian way – with eating out, relaxing and enjoying outdoor […]

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Pretty Windows

It is the beginning of October and the leaves are still green. On some days, the sun still shines bright and it feels like winter is still far away. I love the sunshine, it makes me happy, it warms my heart and makes me notice pretty […]

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Beauty Is Not Perfect

I recently got inspired by the photos of Enjoy Sofia project. Many of them make the city look so beautiful, but without trying to hide its imperfections. On the contrary, they capture its essence, they are honest, and to me this is what makes them so captivating. […]

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Evening on Vitosha

Photos from an evening walk down Vitosha boulevard. Usually, it is too busy and crowded and I try to avoid it, but it turns out that in August it is very enjoyable. Now that we finally have real summer weather it is fun to spend […]

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Summer Balconies

Is it just me, or summer makes everything look pretty? I was just walking around last weekend, enjoying how calm the city is these days, and I saw so many beautiful old buildings with balconies. Looking at them it made me imagine living in one […]

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