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Christmas tree at Sofia Christmas market

Sofia’s Christmas Spirit

The festive Christmas season is approaching and with this year’s lovely weather it has been hard to notice how fast it has creeped on us.  Since the beginning of December Sofia is slowly getting transformed to Christmas mode with Christmas trees and a cute little […]

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Sofia door and flowers

Lion Detail

Lions are a very common symbol in Bulgaria. They are on the Bulgarian coat of arms and are used as decorative elements on buildings. Sofia is full of lion details and this door handle is just one example.

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Autumn Vibes

The first signs of autumn can be seen in Sofia – from the trees starting to turn yellow here and there, to the flowers and fruit in the markets. I love the stalls with home grown fruit and vegetables on Graf Ignatiev street where you […]

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Beautiful Sofia Doors

How often do you see beautiful pictures of colourful doors in Paris or Ireland?  I myself have a Pinterest board of beautifully ornamented doors from around the world. So I though to myself – why is nobody paying attention to the beautiful doors we have in […]

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City of Lilacs

Sofia in spring in all its glory! Lilac bushes everywhere, spreading their sweet scent. The chestnut trees are blossoming.  I took these photos on Wednesday, when it was sunny and thirty degrees, on St. George’s Day, which is an official non-working day.  Spring in Bulgaria […]

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Street Numbers

Beauty is sometimes hidden in the details. And Sofia‘s varied city landscape is full of details to discover, such as these street numbers. There is no unified system for street signs in place – some are very old, some are new and with a personal […]

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Season of Tulips

I might have mentioned it before, Sofia is the most beautiful in spring. It is the best season to be in the city, because the weather is warm and sunny, without being too hot. In the parks you can hear the birds chirping and see […]

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Spring Awakening

Spring has arrived in Sofia late, but we are grateful it is finally here. Nature is awakening and so are we under the warmth of the sun. After much snow in March we appreciate the signs of spring even more. Can you recognise the building […]



Here are a couple of websites in the Bulgarian blogosphere that inspire me right now. > Just a couple of days ago Bored Panda shared a creative project called Sofia Monsters. These are pictures of famous places in Sofia with cartoon monsters drawn into them. […]

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Walking In the Snow

 These are pictures from two weeks ago, when it started snowing in the afternoon and within a few hours the city looked like a winter wonderland. I have been waiting for an opportunity like this all winter, so I had to venture through the blizzard […]

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Sofia’s Winter Tale

If I have to describe Sofia in winter the words that come to mind are imperfect, unpredictable, restless… Through the noise of the traffic, the smoke from the chimneys and the mud puddles of melted snow, one can still observe its elusive beauty. The few […]