sunchair at St.Anastasia Island

Saint Anastasia Island

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ship deck

St Anastasia Island

ship at St.Anastasia Island

straw umbrellas St. Anastasia Island

signpost at St. Anastasia Island

St. Anastasia Island Church

restaurant table St. Anastasia Island

cafe at St. Anastasia island

rocks at St Anastasia Island

sea magazine


St. Anastasia island is the third island I have visited this year after Corfu and Ireland. It is in the Black Sea, off the coast of the city of Burgas. St. Anastasia island and has long been on my list, so on our way to Sinemorets, we made the short boat trip to it. Our ship was called Captain Cook and even though it was at the end of the season, it was packed with other tourists. Only when we arrived on the island, we realised how small it was. For its modest size, it has plenty to occupy you with before the next boat leaves. The former monastery is turned into a museum, there is an ancient stone church, a great restaurant named ‘100 Years Ago’, a cafe and beautiful coastal views to take in.

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