Black sea beach, Bulgaria

Goodbye Summer


Veleka beach, Bulgaria

Windsurfing school, Veleka beach

Windsurfing shack, Black sea

umbrellas and rocks at the Black Sea

rocky coast Black Sea

Lipite beach, Black sea

beach blanket

rock plants Black sea

cormorants at the Black sea

fishermen's shack Black sea


straw hat

Sunset, Black sea rocks

Sunset at Butamya beach, Black sea

What better way to say goodbye to summer than with a long weekend at the beach. The last couple of years September has become my favourite time for a seaside holiday. This weekend, just like last year, I was in Sinemorets. It is a village on the southern Black Sea coast in Bulgaria which is near 3 wild beaches (that I know of). One of them is probably the most beautiful beach at the Bulgarian seaside – Veleka beach. It is named after the river Veleka which flows into the sea at this beach. Sinemorets is a really  great place for people who like to be in touch with nature rather than have a fab holiday with glamorous nightlife. It is quiet, despite some significant real estate development in recent years. I would really like to see such places remain as pure as possible and I am very proud that this year we stayed at a simple house owned by locals. I am very much against giving my money to faceless all-inclusive hotels.

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    • This place is the exact opposite of Sunny Beach and thankfully far away from most resorts and the city of Burgas. Hope it can be saved from all the illegal building!

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