view of Lovech from the fortress

Exploring Lovech Old Town


Bulgaria is dotted with small towns. Many of them have ‘old towns’ – entire neighbourhoods preserved  from modern development. Lovech is a charming town which boasts a wooden covered bridge, which is one of only three of its kind in Europe! Once you cross the Osam river over the Covered Bridge you can immerse yourself in the charming hilly old quarter. There you can get lost exploring. There are a few museums, most unique is the newly renovated Ottoman bath. Take the steps leading to the medieval fortress on top of the hill and you will be rewarded with spectacular views of the city and the area around it, which is very green. At the end you can reward yourself with a tasty meal at one of the several old-style taverns in the old town.

Covered Bridge, Lovech, Bulgaria

Old quarter, Lovech, Bulgaria

flowers in Lovech

Varosha quarter in Lovech, Bulgaria

gate in Old Town Lovech

church in Old Town, Lovech

benches in Varosha, Lovech

Old town square and guesthouse yard, Lovech

fortress in Lovech, Bulgaria

view from Lovech fortress, Bulgaria

Lovech fortress wall

Anchevata Mehana, Lovech

tavern table

Shopski-style cheese

colourful buildings in Lovech

Covered bridge and Osam river, Lovech




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2 thoughts on “Exploring Lovech Old Town”

  1. We had only been in Lovech on the way back from a spring break vacation. The children were already tired, but my husband was avid to see the famous covered bridge originally designed by the legendary Bulgarian architect Kolyo Ficheto. So we hopped out of the car, walked through the covered bridge, and got back in the car, children irritable all the way. Now we can see how much we missed and how we need to return.

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    • It’s a very charming place. It has a lot of places of interest for its relatively small area. Also the views and the landscape are beautiful.


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