stone fence and flowers in Zheravna

Tale of Stone and Wood


street in Zheravna village

Zheravna village, Bulgaria

country fields near Zheravna,Bulgaria

house at Zheravna village, Bulgaria

ducks at the village of Zheravna

traditional Bulgarian carpets on sale

beautiful house in Zheravna

Tavern in Zheravna, Bulgaria

roofs of traditional houses in Zheravna

wooden door at Zheravna

chimneys in Zheravna, Bulgaria

sunset at Zheravna village

rose garden in Zheravna

On the southern slopes of the Balkan range in Bulgaria lies the village of Zheravna. A tale of stone and wood, this place has not changed since the 19th century. It is a magical place, faraway from modern civilisation. All houses have traditional architecture dating back to the Bulgarian Revival period and are made of wood. The original roads made of stone centuries ago are also preserved. This beautiful place is perfect for a relaxing holiday. The village itself is an architectural preserve full of historic sites to explore and most houses have been turned into guesthouses. If you visit it the third weekend of August you can also witness the incredible Festival of Bulgarian Folk Costume. All guests of the festival dress in traditional folk costumes and you will not be allowed in with modern European attire. If you would like to not just see but experience Balkan traditions, Zheravna is the place!


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