Blossoming tree at Troyan Monastery

Sacred Beauty

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There is something really enchanting about monasteries in the Balkans. Last week I did a day trip to Troyan Monastery. Religion can be a very personal and sensitive subject and I try not to publish photos of churches normally. But no matter what your religion is, I think that places like Troyan Monastery are a must see, even if for pure enjoyment of the senses. For centuries monasteries in the Balkans have been built in secluded places, mostly in the mountains. They have been guardians to culture, religion and literacy of the local population and hiding places for famous local revolutionaries. Mysterious and beautiful, Troyan Monastery is a gem in Bulgaria that is worth discovering.

Troyan Monastery

floral church murals at Troyan Monastery

wood-carved door and carriage

Troyan Monastery chimneys and stone roof





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