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If you would like to taste really delicious Bulgarian food you will have to travel from the capital. Although Sofia has several very good traditional restaurants, it is best to try it in an authentic setting and close to nature. I have chosen to show you two great Bulgarian restaurants in Central Bulgaria, where you can dine near the wood-covered slopes of the Balkan mountains. They say that the clean mountain air will make you eat and drink more, but don’t worry you will not gain weight or get a hangover. Everything you will consume is just very healthy!


Kalincheva house, Tryavna, Bulgaria

Lozen wine at Kalincheva house tavern

table under the vine, Bulgaria

inside Kalincheva house

inside Kalincheva house

Kalincheva Kashta (Kalin’s house) will charm you with the spirit of Tryavna. The house was built in 1830. It now houses a restaurant with the same name. From the inside it is a display of fine Bulgarian craftsmanship, where you can see wood carvings typical for Tryavna. Outside it has a large garden with vines and flowers, perfect for dining on hot summer evenings. The staff is very professional and the meals are impressive. I recommend trying a skewer and their home-made ice-cream with blueberries.


Svatovete tavern, Bulgaria

Svatovete hotel pool, Bulgaria

Svatovete hotel pool

Svatovete tavern outdoor seating

Bulgarian dishes at Svatovete taven

table at Svatovete tavern, Bulgaria

cheese dish cooked in clay pot

Svatovete Hotel & Tavern is a hotel in Bulgarian revival style with a great restaurant (mehana) with outdoor area near the pool. It is located in Apriltsi, a small rural town with breathtaking views of the Balkan range. They have a short menu which captures the essence of Bulgarian food very well. Whatever you choose will arrive in a shape and form not far from perfection and it will taste amazing. Everything in Svatovete, from the historic furnishings to the food is made with great attention to detail.

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