Tryavna clocktower

Discovering Tryavna


Hidden between wood-covered slopes in Bulgaria’s Balkan mountains, lies the town of Tryavna. Generally unknown to the world, and maybe for the better, this little town has preserved the true Bulgarian spirit for centuries, maintaining a tradition for arts and crafts long before the liberation of Bulgaria from the Ottoman empire. The historic town square has been preserved and boasts a clock tower, school, 800-old church, stone bridge and many traditional houses. Tryavna is famous for its beautiful wood carvings and its revolutionaries, who took part in the struggle for Bulgarian independence. You can buy beautiful wooden souvenirs in the many craft shops and enjoy a traditional meal in its old taverns. The clean mountain air and the beautiful surroundings will make your stay there unforgettable.

Tryavna old square

Old School Tryavna

bike Balkan

Tryavna old square


water fountain Tryavna

Bulgarian clay pottery

Daskalova house museum

wood carved column

'Freedom or Death' flag monument

cat at Daskalova house Tryavna

table with three-legged chairs

flower pots Tryavna

souvenirs on the street Tryavna

Angel Kunchev house museum

traditional cafe Tryavna

Cherries and peaches in Tryavna

Bulgarian maidens painting

Tryavna traditional house

St. George church in Tryavna

cat sleeping on window





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  1. We loved our visit to Tryavna and your gorgeous photos reminded me just how beautiful the town is. Did you try the Turkish coffee at “Your Coffee on Sand”? Nearby, there is a carefully preserved 19th-century classroom with rows of seats and writing systems designed for all levels of learners in the Trevnensko School, constructed in 1836 and now restored. Fascinating.

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