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Wrong Bar

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You have to be Bulgarian to understand that an entire afternoon spent in a bar or cafe is never too long.  An afternoon like that was spent in the garden of the Wrong Bar with a friend, beer and food, two weeks ago.  The Wrong Bar is a favourite place of mine, it has nice and unpretentious atmosphere and always great selection of music and beer. And even though it is not a restaurant the food on the menu is better than in many Sofia restaurants. An example is their tripe soup, which is a traditional Bulgarian soup that I love when it is cooked right!

outside bar at Wrong bar

Wrong Bar door

tables at Wrong Bar garden

beer in the garden

bar stools outside

beer and soup for lunch

What is great about the Wrong Bar is that even though it is near the city centre, it is in an old city house in a quiet residential area. Definitely check out the garden, it is the perfect place to hang out and chat away with friends!


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  1. Looks like a lovely place! My friend and I went to a bar once in Sofia and were so exhausted from our day that we asked for a “double” on our rose wines. The waiter looked at us funny and asked would it be okay if he could bring the second glass after the first one was empty!! LOL.


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