Corfu, Part II


sea view from Old Fortress of Corfu

purple door in Corfu town

balconies in Corfu town

Canal with boats at Old Fortress of Corfu

street in Corfu town

blue window shutters and flowers

line of clothes in Corfu Old town

Rocky coast of Corfu island

Corfu supermarket

door and scooter in Corfu Old Town


view of Corfu Old Town

Supermarket on Corfu island

street in Corfu Old Town

Pretty buildings in Corfu Old Town

Cat on a tree on Corfu island

Street in Corfu town

Venetian carnival in Corfu Old Town

Building with line of clothes on Corfu

yachts on Corfu island

vegetable market in Corfu Old town

red house on Corfu island

cat on a scooter

street in Corfu town

I know that I have been gone from the blog for entire two weeks, but if you took so many photos on Corfu island as I did you would be too… After capturing so much beauty I wanted to take the time to go through all of them and make sure that I share as many good ones as possible. Normally, I would be worried that you will be getting sick of seeing three posts in a row about the same place, but Corfu is so incredibly beautiful that I think that will not be an issue. I have been to many beautiful places but I think that Corfu is the most picturesque of all. Just look at all the colours! A place like that can make any photographer just so so inspired.

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