Old fortress of Corfu from sea

Corfu, Part I

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Cost of Greece from Corfu ferry

small island Greece

Greek flag on Corfu ferry

little Island off the greek coast

Old Fortress of Corfu from sea

Old town of Kerkyra from sea

Coast of Kerkyra, Corfu

Kerkyra Old Town, Corfu island

Plane landing on Corfu island

view of Vlaherna Monastery C

greenery on Corfu island

Vlaherna Monastery entrance

cats on Vlaherna Monastery roof

door of Vlaherna Monastery

Vlaherna Monastery flower pots and cat

fishing boats, Corfu island

Vlaherna Monastery bells

Vlaherna Monastery

boats on Corfu island

The Island of Corfu has rich history and magnificent natural beauty. It is big enough to feel like you are on the mainland and small enough to feel like a parallel world with its own rules. I love the sea and there I have seen the most incredible sea views – turquoise waters and the mountains of Greece in the distance.  Once I set foot on the island, I found myself in a tropical paradise, lush and green, and winter remained in another reality.

Around the same time last year I visited Barcelona and I think I have discovered the best way to charge my batteries after winter. Perfect to really take in all that beauty and tranquility, when there are still no tourists. When the world becomes too much, it is always good to know there are places like Corfu to go missing.



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