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Sofia apartment interior

I have been very inspired about interior design since the holidays. I am recently very excited about bright and warm colours too. What better way to overcome the greyness of winter than surround yourself with colourful objects?

I love earthy materials and vintage finds and combining them with simple modern furniture, usually IKEA. A couple a months ago I bought this amazing woollen rug from my friend’s Hrisina Evtimova’s vintage shop. It brought a splash of colour to my place and some exotic feel. Another find I am very proud of is a red vintage lamp, which I picked up from a street vendor of antiques. It is made of porcelain and the lamp shade is imported from Japan, made in Bulgaria circa 1930. I am also very happy with my clothing rack from IKEA, where I hold my collection of dresses. Being locked in the wardrobe just didn’t do them justice.

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