skiing on Vitosha mountain

Ski Season

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Aleko ski track

Aleko hut in Vitosha mountain

Aleko hut

snow covered pine trees

popcorn machine in the snow

ski path in Vitosha mountain

guesthouse sign on tree

Guesthouse Moten sign

guesthouse Moten with snow

lunch at guesthouse Moten

Vitosha mountain with snow

snow covered pine branches

view of Sofia from Simeonovo ski lift

Do you ski? Do you like getting out of the city and a breath of fresh air? This is easy to do by just taking the ski lift up Vitosha mountain. It is right on the outskirts of the city and after just a short ride you can enjoy breathtaking views of both Sofia and the mountain. I took a day trip there on Saturday and loved it – the fresh snow that fell on Friday had covered all pine trees in something that looks like powder sugar, it was sunny and clear, perfect for a walk and taking photos. It was full of skiers enjoying the slopes. I also made a great restaurant discovery – Moten guesthouse. It is a few minutes away from Aleko hut, in a hidden forest alley. We had delicious soups and salad on a cosy table near the burning fireplace. I strongly recommend the restaurant at Moten for your next visit to Vitosha mountain.



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One thought on “Ski Season”

  1. Wow, looks fabulous! I do both cross country and downhill skiing even though I’m not ver good at either. We have to go up North for downhill skiing though. And now we don’t really have any snow here in Southern Finland 😦 Thanks, I enjoyed your beautiful photos!

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