street in Kapana Plovdiv

Plovdiv’s Creative District


A future 2019 European Capital of Culture and the oldest inhabited city in EuropePlovdiv should be on your travel list for this year. That’s right Plovdiv is older than Athens and Constantinople and has not stopped living and breathing a multitude of cultures throughout the centuries.

'Christmas in Kapana'

Kapana windows and street flags

Pavage restaurant in Kapana

Bicycle in Kapana Plovdiv

Apart from being ancient Plovdiv is also very modern and full of cool bars and shops to keep you entertained.  Kapana is a buzzing creative district in the centre, which is filled with artists ateliers, art galleries, bars and restaurants. With its cobbled streets, old architecture, colourful flags hanging over the streets and street art on every corner it is really a must-see.

All Natural shop in Kapana

colourful flags in Kapana

All Narural shop in Kapana

street flowerpots in Kapana

Kapana Plovdiv

Street art in Kapana, Plovdiv

dresses in Kapana shop window

Shen cafe in Kapana, Plovdiv

Christmas tree in a street in Kapana

cafe tables in Kapana, Plovdiv

street art in Kapana, Plovdiv

In Bulgarian Kapana translates to “The Trap” and I spent two days pleasantly trapped in its bars on new year. Kapana has a vibrant atmosphere and it combines urban culture with small city charm so well. You can enjoy some shopping in its many trendy craft shops. It is also the perfect setting for a laid back bar crawl.  At the time of my visit the streets of Kapana were decorated with live Christmas trees and string lights, which made me even more inspired to take pictures of it.


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2 thoughts on “Plovdiv’s Creative District”

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever been in the Kapana neighborhood, but it looks wonderful. I hope we’ll be in Bulgaria this summer and if so we’ll definitely spend some time in Plovdiv.

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