Indian Summer in the Alps

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Where is the ideal place to spend time outdoors in a warm weekend in autumn? I think I have never appreciated the beauty of autumn so much, but a weekend in the Alps has changed that! We visited our friends from Germany for two days and they were so sweet to organise an incredible road trip in the Bavarian Alps. We even drove to Mozart’s birth city of Salzburg in Austria. I was very lucky with the light and the weather and the beautiful yellow leaves were not gone yet. The Alps region in Germany and Austria is just spectacular and amazing for autumn photography.


Königssee lake, Bavaria

autumn forest near Königssee

Königssee seen from the painters corner

crow on boathouse at Königssee

Souvenir from Königssee

wooden house at Königssee

Alps peaks in Bavaria

road in the Bavarian Alps

restaurant table in Bavaria

flower shop in Bavaria

fountain in Germany



windows with flowers in Germany

autumn flower arrangement

Salzburg, Austria

Mozart's birth house

street in Salzburg

restaurant sign on Getreidegasse street

Getreidegasse street in Salzburg

Church facade in Salzburg

Salzburg cafe sign

Fortress Hohensalzburg

Fortress Hohensalzburg vineyard

Hohensalzburg castle

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