Blue Sea Paradise


Sinemorets is a village on the Black Sea near the border with Turkey. I spent most of last week there. After seeing some drone footage of it earlier, I really wanted to go because there is nothing like a combination of sea and beautiful nature for the perfect holiday.

umbrellas at Veleka Beach

Veleka Beach surf sign

Veleka Beach

Veleka beach umbrellas

mouth of Veleka river

straw sculptures by the Black sea

birds on a rock in the sea

pretty gate in Sinemorets

Black Sea vista at Sinemorets


fishing boat in Sinemorets

fish grill sign



cat at restaurant in Sinemorets

Yo beach bar


beach bar sign in Sinemorets

tourists on Sinemorets beach

sitting on the beach in Sinemorets

exercising on Butamia beach

Yo Beach bar at sunset

 Most of the areas around Sinemorets are part of a nature preserve and the vistas are stunning. Late September is the perfect time to enjoy it when most of the tourists are gone. It was pure bliss being at this place. Being there one realises how little is needed for us to be truly happy.

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2 thoughts on “Blue Sea Paradise”

  1. Here in Washington, DC, it is chilly, rainy, and there are warnings about a hurricane to the south. To see your photos is to long to be in Sinemorets with white sands and blue skies.

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