To Rome with Love

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via del Corso

pretty window in Rome

fruit and wine in Rome

narrow street in Rome

Piazza della Rotonda and Pantheon

inside the Pantheon

Fontana del Pantheon

smoke break in Rome

trattoria sign in Rome

cobbled street in Rome

restaurant table in Rome

street light in Rome

restaurant menu in Rome

accordion player in Rome

streets of Rome


browsing postcards in Rome

Pizzeria in Rome

restaurant tables in Rome

Fontana del Pantheon

Rome balcony


Piazza Venezia

Now that I have visited Barcelona and Rome in the same year it is hard to pick a favourite. To me both cities epitomise a triumph of art and beauty – Barcelona is exuberant and fun and Rome is magnificent and timeless. The Eternal City as they call it or La Città Eterna touched me with its timeless beauty, despite the fact I was there in the scorching heat of August and had just a few hours before my flight to Dublin. I can hardly describe Rome in words, so I will let my pictures do it for me. Rome, I will be back for more!

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