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pink Mango dress

I had planned a blog post with several outfits that I brought to Barcelona, but ‘unfortunately’ I was too busy sightseeing, eating, drinking, cycling and taking photos. These photos were taken in between bars on Saturday night in Barcelona, this is how much time I’ve found. I am wearing a pastel pink Mango dress with a navy cardigan. These two pieces very well sum up my style – dresses are my most favourite piece of clothing and cardigans are my go-to top for any weather and occasion. In this case combining the dress with a cardigan was practical for the cooler evening, and it makes the outfit less formal.

I love dresses because they are feminine and since I am obsessed with the practicality of clothes – they are the easiest way to be elegant, without worrying about how to combine tops and bottoms. Cardigans are comfortable, fit for both cold and warm weather, for formal and informal outfits, and are a good basic piece.

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