Sofia’s Winter Tale


If I have to describe Sofia in winter the words that come to mind are imperfect, unpredictable, restless… Through the noise of the traffic, the smoke from the chimneys and the mud puddles of melted snow, one can still observe its elusive beauty. The few buildings that survived WWII stand amid stark Communist era edifices, while here and there this uneven cityscape is interrupted by modern-day buildings. It is a landscape of contrasts, which is amplified by the pure white snow. It is these contrasts that make it extraordinary, a city where every building tells a story. Nothing is airbrushed or organised to fit a certain aesthetic and this is where its charm lies – in Sofia‘s many imperfections lies its allure and its spirit. A capital city can provide a glimpse of a country’s journey; an architectural history, a visual legacy and sweet and bitter remnants of centuries and decades past.

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    • Thank you. This is one of the purposes of the site, to provide useful information to people outside Bulgaria.


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