The Apartment

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The Apartment staircase

posters at The Apartment

The Apartment 'red room'

The Apartment interior

photo frame

books at The Apartment

The Apartment interior

There is a place quite unlike everything else in Sofia. It is called The Apartment and everything about it is alternative and different from mainstream cafes and bars.  You enter a door of an old apartment building, climb the stairs and find yourself in an apartment with high ceilings, which in the past probably belonged to some family from the aristocracy. The difference is now it is furnished like your room in college – there are posters, old couches, board games…  There is no waiter, so you have to enter the kitchen to get something to eat, just like you would at home. There you can get fresh fruit juices, exotic teas, craft beers and home-made desserts.  I really like this place, because of its unique vibe.  Pick a room and a couch and spend the day!

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