The Year in Photos 2014

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It’s been almost a year since I started One Day in Sofia. If I have to be honest, blogging has been a challenge, but it has been very rewarding as well. 2014 is coming to an end and I am looking back at what I have accomplished. It has been a great year and it seems that this blog is making me more curious and attentive to the places I go to. Looking through all the photos I took throughout the year I cannot believe all the amazing places I visited. My trip to the old town of Plovdiv in the spring was the perfect way to experience some traditional Bulgarian things such as the revival architecture and traditional food. Then in summer I travelled to Varna and Golden Sands for the first time – my first seaside holiday in Bulgaria in years, which made it all the more exciting and enjoyable. I was also very fortunate to be able do my first trip to Ireland, which was so inspirational and so much fun. Summer in Sofia was my best so far – I discovered some new bars I really like. There is nothing like sitting at an outdoor table at One More Bar and having my favourite fruit daiquiris or having beers with friends at Kanaal on a summer evening. Autumn was about relaxing, trying to take in the last bits of sunshine,  finding new treats and travelling. And then December was about shopping and eating out, in expectation of Christmas. The blog has made me explore Sofia more and perceive things around me from a more positive angle. It has helped me see things in my own city that I wouldn’t normally notice. It is sometimes hardest to see and appreciate the things we are surrounded by every day, so blogging about Sofia has been a challenge, but this is exactly why I enjoy it so much.

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