Birthday at Kanaal

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three glasses of beer

bar Kanaal interior

Kanaal garden table

Kanaal garden tables

rainbow flag

Kanaal interior

birthday card

What I like about Sofia is that it can make you feel you are visiting a number of countries by just changing  bar or restaurant. Feel like getting an Italian dinner – no problem, feel like grabbing some Indian – a few options, feel like getting Dutch craft beers…and that can be arranged too! Yes, last Friday I was invited to a birthday party at Kanaal – a Dutch inspired craft beer bar. I am not a beer specialist, but I think I have never tasted beer that is so delicious (and I just came back from Ireland) and so strong! The place was just a pleasure for all the senses – very modern, a beautiful garden and even the toilet looked like it was created by an award winning interior designer! Definitely worth visiting.

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