Summer is Here

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ice cream cone

National Palace of Culture

colorful string lights

feet in sandals

cafe table

sunlit balconies

sour cherry tree

cafe tables at sunset

cafe sign

sour cherries

Summer is my favourite season, because it makes life so simple and easy to enjoy. In summer, wearing my sandals and dresses, eating ice cream and cherries and being outside in the sun makes me feel happy and fulfilled. Of course it is also the best season for photography, so maybe that is why I love it so much. The longer days, beautiful light and green trees make taking nice photos so much easier.

Summer is finally here in Sofia and the city is full of colour and life – everyone is out, women are wearing colourful summer dresses, there are concerts and parties outdoors. It’s going to be fun!

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One thought on “Summer is Here”

  1. todorbozhinov says:

    Damn, all this makes me wish I were in Sofia right now! Germans are really trying hard with the summer dress thing, but it just doesn’t look right in gloomy overcast weather.

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