Old Plovdiv, Part II


budding roses

Hisar Kapiya stone archway

decorated facade

Ancient Theater

chandelier in piano room

piano and balcony at Hebros hotel

shuttered windows with ornamentation

Ancient tTheater steats

Roman columns

open window

Roman letters

Roman columns

I took so many photos during my recent trip to Plovdiv that I couldn’t share all in one post, so here are the rest. Old Plovdiv is not just beautiful, it is also ancient, with a distinct and fascinating history dating back to 4000 BC, incorporating Thracian, Greek, Roman and Ottoman influences. On the three hills Plovdiv is situated on, you can see the remains of a fortress, a very well preserved Roman Amphitheater and multiple beautifully-ornamented houses from the Bulgarian National Revival era of the 18th and 19th centuries. I stayed in Hotel Hebros, an original 19th century house with antique furniture combining elegance, history and a unique location in the heart of the Old Town.

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2 thoughts on “Old Plovdiv, Part II”

  1. todorbozhinov says:

    I spent a night in Hotel Hebros as a child! Is it still as authentic and immersive as before? I remember my younger sister was bewildered by the ancient furniture, she wasn’t into it!

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    • Yes, it is very authentic, to every single little detail. I really enjoyed my stay there. It is a unique place 🙂


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